Miller Consulting, Inc. is an established oil and gas consulting firm which assists oil and gas operators with filings before the Railroad Commission of Texas. With many years of experience, we offer assistance to the petroleum industry that will make your operations more effective and productive in dealing with the Railroad Commission of Texas.

TEXAS OIL AND GAS Consulting Services

We offer expert assistance on all aspects of regulatory compliance and research services with the Railroad Commission of Texas. Our professional staff has extensive knowledge and over 200 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry. We can prepare and file all forms on your behalf for all Commission regulated oil and gas activities. Our services offered are broad and we strive to provide quality and affordable assistance. Details of some of the services we provide are shown below. If you have any questions or would like to see if there are any other services we can offer, feel free to contact us at 800-969-8877 or click here. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM CST.


We will assist your company before the Railroad Commission of Texas by filing letter of application, preparation of exhibits and rendering expert testimony. Some of these hearings are:

  • Field Rules
    1. Adoption of Temporary Field Rules
    2. Adoption of Permanent Field Rules
    3. Amendment of Existing Field Rules
  • Statewide Rule 10 (Downhole Commingling)
  • Special Allowable or MER Assignment
  • Net Gas-Oil Ratio
  • Statewide Rule 32 Hearings (Permanent and Emergency Flaring Exceptions)
  • Statewide Rule 37 Hearings (Spacing Exceptions)
  • Statewide Rule 38 Hearings (Density Exceptions)
  • Plugging Hearings and Rescission of Plugging Orders
  • Proration/Allowable Hearings
  • Unitization Hearings
  • Consolidation of Fields or Reservoirs
  • Flaring Applications
RAILROAD COMMISSION of texas Research and Reproduction Services

Our research and reproduction department offers duplication of complete well data that has been filed with the Railroad Commission since 1919, when it began regulating the oil and gas industry in Texas. With our expert knowledge of Commission forms and the ability of interpreting the data therein, we provide accurate and efficient reproduction of information essential for evaluation of potential oil and gas prospects. Research orders are usually completed the same day they are received. Expedited orders can be faxed or emailed back to your office at your request. You may also click here to fill out and submit our Texas Railroad Commission Research Data Request Form with your inquiry.


We offer complete services in filing all necessary forms with the Railroad Commission of Texas in securement of oil and gas allowable assignments. These include:

  • Form W-1 and plat: Drafting of uncertified plats and filing applications for permits not requiring certified plats
  • We will expedite drilling permits for approval on applications that are needed as expeditiously as possible
  • Surface casing recommendations can also be “expedited” before the Railroad Comission at your request
  • Oil and Gas Completion Reports: (Form W-2: Oil) (Form G-1: Gas) can be prepared along with all other required filings on completion of new wells, plug backs, re-entries and deepening’s
Injection/Disposal Well Applications

We offer complete filings for both injection and disposal well applications (Form H-1 and Form W-14) in securing authority for private and commercial injection or disposal well operations. Our services include preparation of the 1/4 mile radius well status maps, the 1/4 mile radius well tabulations, and the 1/2 mile offset operator maps, along with all of the other necessary attachments for permit approval.

New Field Discovery and Field Transfer Applications

We offer complete filing research of all wells within 2.5 miles and the new field designation applications (Form P-7) and field transfer applications along with preparation of supporting area maps, cross-sections, pressure data maps, bottom-hole pressure reports and log filings for wells producing from new reservoirs.

Compliance with HB 2259

We can assist your company with the filings of the Form W-3C and the Form W-3X for compliance with House Bill 2259 (HB 2259) that came into effect in January 2011. This new law has an impact on your filing requirements to be able to secure approval of your Form P-5. The new law requires compliance with termination of electrical service and clean-up of the location, tanks, vessels and surface equipment on inactive wellbores. The law also requires additional bonding above and beyond the standard bonding requirements for obtaining approval of your Annual Organization Report (Form P-5). There are various ways to be in compliance with the new law and we can assist you by securing a copy of your Inactive Well Aging Report (“IWAR”) and helping you organize the inactive wells by current filing requirements.

NGPA Applications

We offer complete filings for Tight Gas Designation applications. These filings offer reduced severance tax rates from the Comptroller of Texas for gas well gas production.

Oil and Gas Proration Services

We offer complete services in monitoring oil and gas fields in the State of Texas for assistance in securing maximum allowable assignments under existing field allocation formulas. These services include:

  • Handling of Commission issued severances, shut-in orders, overproduction/overrun notices with filings for relief of violations, when possible
  • Filing requests for cancellation of violation overage, suspension of allocation formula, balancing applications, reduced rate authority requests, etc.
  • Monitoring monthly production reports and filing necessary exceptions to violation overage amounts. Preparing and filing monthly Operator Market Demand Forecasts for Gas Well Gas in Prorated Fields
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We offer in-house seminars on intercompany training procedures for regulatory compliance procedures before the Railroad Commission of Texas. Our seminars can be prepared to address specific areas in which your company needs assistance in dealing with the Texas Railroad Commission.

Oil and Gas Production Reporting Services

Our oil and gas production reporting department offers filing, on your behalf, all Railroad Commission required monthly forms. We provide prompt and effective services for those required filings listed below.

Oil Wells:

  • Producer’s Monthly Report (Form PR)
  • Frac Oil Movement Request (Form P-3)
  • Request for Initial Oil/Condensate Production Clearance (Form P-8)
  • Monthly Skim Oil Report (Form P-18)

Gas Wells:

  • Producer’s Monthly Report (Form PR)
Severance Tax Incentive Applications

We offer filing of applications to secure severance tax credit for wells that qualify for the various available forms of relief. These include:

  • SWR 50 (Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects)
  • SWR 101 (High Cost Gas Wells)
  • SWR 102 (Incremental Production)
Flaring or Venting of Gas and Clearance of Tanks

We offer filing of exceptions to Statewide Rule 32 for flaring or venting of gas, and we are able to file Form P-8 with Form P-4 to request clearance of Storage Tanks prior to filing Completion Reports.

Surface Commingling

We offer filing of Forms P-17/P-17A to obtain authority to surface commingle production from multiple leases or wells.

Test on Inactive Well More Than 25 Years Old

We offer assistance in filing Form H-15 to satisfy Commission requirements for wells more than 25 years old and are able to prepare and expedite the GAU Surface Casing letter for determination of the base of usable quality water.

Minor Permits

We offer complete filing of applications for annular disposal of drilling fluids.

Annual Filings

We are able to assist in filing Form P-5 Annual Organization Reports with required bonding or letter of credit documents and the new HB 2259 clean-up and additional bonding forms.

Salt Water Hauler’s Permit

We are able to file applications for obtaining authority to haul salt water including Forms WH-1, WH-2, WH-4 and WH-5.

Application for Pipeline Permit

We offer filing of Forms T-4 and T-4B for securing approval and transfer of pipeline applications.

Pit Permits

We offer filing of Form H-11 and the required attachments for permits to maintain and use a pit.

Consolidation or Subdivision of Leases

We offer filing of the Form P-6 and attached plats for consolidation or subdividing leases with the Commission.


We offer complete reproduction of all data submitted at hearings before the Railroad Commission of Texas. Some examples of these hearings are:

  • Field Rule
  • Productive Acreage
  • Net Gas-Oil Ratio
  • New Field Designation
  • Rule 10-Downhole Commingling
  • Special Allowable
  • MER
  • Rule 37-Spacing Exception
  • Rule 38-Density Exception
  • Unitization and Secondary Recovery
  • Plugging

Some of the data available from these hearings are:

  • Field Maps
  • Isopach Maps
  • Structure Maps
  • Cross-Sections
  • Logs
  • Reservoir MER Data Sheets
  • Engineering Data
  • Drill-Stem Tests
  • Disposal-Injection Well Data
  • Transcripts
Well Data

Some examples of well data available for reproduction are:

  • Application to Drill and Attached Plat (Form W-1 and Plat)
  • Completion Reports (Form W-2: Oil Wells) (Form G-1: Gas Wells)
  • Inclination Reports (Form W-12) Directional Surveys
  • Cementing Reports (Form W-15)
  • Plugging Reports (Form W-3)
  • Producer’s Authorization to Transport Oil or Gas (Form P-4)
  • Production History Data (available from initial completion)
  • Semi-Annual and Annual Test Data (Form G-10: Gas Wells) (Form W-10: Oil Wells)
  • New Field Discovery Applications (Form P-7) with attachments
  • Injection/Disposal Well Applications (Form H-1: Injection) (Form W-14: Disposal)

Click here to fill out our contact form about any of our services. As an experienced major Texas Oil and Gas Consulting firm dealing with all matters regarding the Railroad Commission of Texas, our full time staff will be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with assistance Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM CST. Our office phone number is 800-969-8877.